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What I have learned since receiving my Amerikick black belt was that power comes in many different forms such as self-confidence and believing in yourself.  I can remember when I was young, I believed that power can only come in strikes and how strong you were physically. But when I received my Amerikick black belt I started looking at things from  a different angle and realized that I have been thinking of power in a completely wrong angle. I then started thinking of power as self-confidence. I opened a whole new world  for myself.  Another thing I have learned since receiving my black belt was that if I don’t look at things in a different angle I won’t succeed in life. I have been fortunate enough to be able to help in some classes and I learned so much from these experiences. I looked at Karate as a hobby before but know since helping in classes I see that any kind of Martial arts is a lifestyle if you put enough effort, time, and dedication. A lot of the children have taught me many things, like responsibility, and patience. I remember that a little boy was scared to get on the mat. So, I tried to help him get over his fear. I worked with him in the corner for a little bit. But then they needed partners, so I eventually talk him into working with another student. The sensei who was teaching the class and I paired him with the nicest kid in the class. The student then got over his fear and started realizing that it isn’t so scary. I learned that children see things from different aspects. I became stronger in a way that day.  Since receiving My black belt I learned that what you put into it is what you will get out of it. Whenever I practice anything, I think of this as my motivation. For example, whenever I practice my kamas  I work my hardest so that I can do a trick. Also, when I practice tricks like aerials, I do exercises to help me increase height and make it look cleaner. This also applies to other activities like volunteering. I have recently received confirmation.  To receive this, I had to do service hours and having this mind set really help me go above and beyond. One of the many things I learned since receiving a black belt was that size does not matter. When I was younger, I was smaller than average so I could not really spar as well because of height advantages so I wasn’t really into sparring. But when I became a black belt I looked at things in a different angle, I saw that being  smaller has advantages over being big. For example, taller people must punch down which means that they lose some length. Also, I am quicker than some people who are bigger than me. Although I may be a black belt I have so much more to learn in my future.”