Elevate Your Martial Arts School With Amerikick 360!



Mark Russo
CEO, Amerikick 360

Chris Millares
COO, Amerikick 360

Dennis & Sharon Tosten
Founders, Amerikick Martial Arts

Vince Little
Executive Consultant, Amerikick 360

Cameron Whittington
Executive Consultant, Amerikick 360

Andrew Bacchus
Executive Consultant, Amerikick 360

Kevin Schlueter
Classroom Management Executive, Amerikick 360

Kim Gunning
Kids Curriculum and Training Specialist, Amerikick 360

Nicole Pronkowitz-Ewan
Head Fitness Trainer, Amerikick 360

Why Join amerikick 360

Amerikick, founded in 1967, is an organization that continues to have a PROFOUND IMPACT on the lives of students, families and parents.  With a culture that promotes GREAT MARTIAL ARTISTS with GREAT TEACHING , Amerikick is always developing champions on and off the karate mat.

Along with the substance needed to fuel the fire inside the school, Amerikick team members are among the BEST in Lead Generation, Marketing, Operations and Building an Extended Family that permeates our communities.