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Dennis Tosten


There is no substitute for PASSION and originality. Dennis Tosten opened the first Amerikick school in 1967. He was the first of his time to combine great martial arts with great education. Famous for saying, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying” Dennis has had an impact of the martial arts community like no other. A modern day version of Aristotle, Dennis literally knows everything about everything. And best of all, he is possibly the most humble man this content writer has ever met. Dennis would rather keep his head down, mind focused on learning and pass the praise on to the thousands of black belts who have graduated with Amerikick’s program. Dennis is truly the corner stone of something special.

Sharon Tosten


Sharon Tosten holds a master level 8th degree black belt in Kenpo karate. In addition to her Karate competition and instruction, Sharon is a graduate of the Orlando Stunt Company and a member of the Screen and Actor Guild. In her spare time, Sharon has worked on several feature films and has produced and directed two independent films. Sharon is also an awarded winning author having published three books in the fictional series Troy’s Amazing Universe. Sharon is the outstanding blend of an expert martial arts and business professional. She continues to work diligently in the expansion of Amerikick.


Mark Russo


Mark is a 7th degree black belt in kenpo and multi-time sport martial arts champion. His passion for the martial arts and teaching has fueled his excitement to grow the Amerikick brand. Along side with Bob Leiker, Mark promotes one of the biggest sport martial arts tournaments in the country. This tournament draws the most talented martial arts athletes in the world. His ability to attract, train and develop talent (through the martial arts and martial arts business) has helped Amerikick’s influence elevate to where it is today. Amerikick would not be the same without Mark at the helm.

Chris Millares

Chief Development Officer

Chris has been involved in the martial arts for over 25 years. Chris’s impact on the Amerikick organization started as a student, instructor then progressed throughout the years.

As a former sport martial arts fighter, competitor and champion, Chris had aspirations of developing the next generation of athlete/ leaders. That, along with a FANATICAL love for fitness, is all the fuel he needs day in and day out!

Currently, he serves as an executive team member as Amerikick expands it’s franchise model. His knowledge/ passion of the martial arts business combined with marketing, networking, franchising, development and a solid tech savvy has made him an integral part of Amerikick’s expansion.